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There are 5 age divisions for Boys Youth Lacrosse. Age is determined as of 9/1 in the calendar year prior to the season (i.e., age as of 9/1/2020 will be used to determine eligibility for the 2021 Spring Season).

  • Boys/Girls Under 6

  • Boys Under 8

  • Boys Under 10 (Stripes & Stars)

  • Boys Under 12 (Stripes & Stars)

  • Boys Under 14 (Stripes & Stars)

Stripes / Stars

Stripes teams are made up of less experienced players. Stars teams are made up of more experienced players. Stripes teams will play Stripes teams from other Towns. Stars teams will play Stars teams from other Towns. The league will determine placement of players on Stripes vs Stars teams.

Equipment (See visual below)

Boys U6 players only require a lacrosse stick and mouth piece.

The following equipment is required for Boys U8 - Boys U14 divisions:

  • Lacrosse Stick

  • Helmet

  • Mouth Guard (can not play without this)

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Elbow/Arm Pads

  • Gloves

  • Athletic Footwear (Cleats Recommended)

  • Athletic Supporter & Cup (STRONGLY recommended)

  • Rib Pads (Optional)